We carry the Bullfrog line of spas. In our 48+ years of pool and spa work, the Bullfrog brand has proven to be the most reliable and trouble free brand of spa we have ever carried. They offer a wide range of options, sizes, colors, and configurations to meet just about anything a person could want or need. All Bullfrog spas are a full foam construction, making them very energy efficient. For the best color representations and a look at all the available options, please check out


The base model "X" lineup is built using traditional spa methods. It is a very good, reliable, workhorse of a spa with options to fit most anyone. The X series spas come in 5 colors: midnight, sunset, cloud, platinum, and snow. They have a 5 year warranty on the shell structure and frame, and 3 year on the cabinet, plumbing, shell surface, and equipment. They also range from having 21 jets, up to 40 jets, depending on the spa model. All are equipped with electronic spa controls, stainless steel jets, LED mood lighting, a backlit waterfall, and are free from the use of wood in their construction. No more rotted out frames and skirting. No more rust stains from screws and bolts holding the frame together.


The next lineup from Bullfrog is the "R" series. This is where things get interesting. The R series is designed like no other brand of spa. Where standard spas have certain jets in certain seats, with the R series, you can chose what jets you want, in what seats.The jets are all designed into a "jet pack" that is interchangeable with any other jetpack.  It's like putting a favorite back massager in your favorite chair. Then later, if you decide you want to move the jets, you can. It only takes a minute or two. Want to replace the jet design with something new? It's as easy as can be. There are 16 different jet configurations that you can choose from. They all snap in or out easily. That's something no other spa brand can offer.The R series comes with The same "no wood" frame and cabinet as the X series. It also has a 7 year warranty on the shell structure, 5 years on the shell surface and "jetpacks". The R also has an upgraded spa side control, full foam insulation for efficiency, and the WellSpring Water Care system. Interior LED mood lighting is also included. The R series is available in midnight, pearl, platinum, granite, snow, sunset, titanium, and cloud colors.



The "A" series spas are about as loaded as you can ask for. All the features of the R and X series, plus more. The A series comes with an upgraded spa side control, and an auxillary jet control. Backlit perimeter cup holders, Cascadia water feature, premier comfort head rests, audio system, even exterior lighting.The shell structure jumps up to a 10 year warranty, the shell surface has a 7 year warranty. 5 years on the jet packs, and a 1 year on the stereo and lighting.These truly are an impressive, top-of-the-line spa. One even has dual lounge seats. On all the Bullfrog spas "L" designates a lounger, and "D" designates dual lounger.The A series is available in the cloud, midnight, sunset, granite, pearl, snow, platinum, and titanium colors.



By using jetpacks in the R and A series, Bullfrog has gotten rid of about 90% of the plumbing that is used in a standard construction type of spa.  That means less heat loss through the plumbing for far better energy efficiency, less plumbing to potentially leak, and less plumbing to slow the water flow down. This creates a more efficient, and powerful flow of water. The jetpacks also allow you to adjust the pressure from each jet, making for a customized spa experience. To truly understand what these jet packs are, and can do, you need to see them in person. Come on by our shop and check them out!