Additional Features

Let's explore some options you have for customizing your pool, or just making it more convenient and friendly to use!


Below are some of the accessories that we offer to enhance the look, feel and enjoyment of your pool. If you have any question about these, or any other options, feel free to call us!


Automatic Pool Cleaners

We carry a full line of automatic pool cleaners for both in and above ground pools.Why take time to clean your pool when it can be done for you? Enjoy your pool, don't work on it!



Automatic Pool Covers

We have automatic pool covers to fit any size, or shape of inground pool. Save money on chemicals, reduce water bills, and enjoy the solar heating benefits of an automatic cover with your new pool!


Pool Heaters

We offer the Raypak brand of pool heaters. Why not extend your swimming season, and get the most use out of your pool with one of these quality heaters? You'll be enjoying your pool when the water is too cold for others.We also offer AquaCal brand heat pumps that can be purchased with an optional "chiller" mode to cool down that water temperature if it gets too hot for you in summer!



A top favorite for the kids. Keep them entertained for hours with the addition of a slide on your pool.



Add lighting to your plans and discover a new dimension to your pool or spa. Whether you chose the uniqueness of surround lighting, or the effectiveness of an underwater light, this is one feature that will definitely improve the aesthetics of your pool or spa. Or you can combine the two! We also offer basic incandescent underwater lighting.



Enjoy the beauty, sounds, and ambience of a waterfall dropping into your pool. You can't find a more attractive, or distinctive addition to your pool. Waterfalls are a great way to make your pool unique.


Fire Pits

This is a relatively new concept to pool and spascapes. Fire pits allow you to enjoy a naturalistic approach to your setting. Imagine the mood of a crackling fire while you soak and relax. Or use it to roast marshmellows with the family!


Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing beats a good cook-out. A free standing, or permanently installed grill or outdoor kitchen makes for a great addition. Make it an entire day outside by the pool or spa! Can't you just smell the aroma of grilling food as everyone enjoys themselves poolside?


Outdoor Furniture

Chairs, tables, umbrellas...outdoor furniture creates an inviting atmosphere for people to enjoy the pool or spa area even if they aren't getting into the water.