About Us


Thanks for stopping in at our website. We are changing things up a little this year. For the first time since 1970, we are no longer going to be building new pools. We have seen a steady rise in the number of customers for a long time, and have realized that we can best serve our customers by concentrating on our service and repair work. This should result in much faster response  times for your pool and spa care needs.This is the best way we can think of to help out our customers, and keep them happy. We value you as a customer, and want to do our best to prove it. We realize that your happiness is our happiness.

At Baumann Pool & Spa, Inc. we have 3 generations of pool building experience.Being in the swimming pool and spa business for over 48 continuous years sets us apart from everyone else. Our experience, training, and satisfied customers speak volumes. Virtually every aspect of our business is overseen or done personally by one of the Baumanns. So why not let our family help your family fullfill your pool and spa dreams?

Kendall Baumann, our founder, has been in the swimming pool and spa business since 1970. His construction engineering degree from Oklahoma State University provides an excellent basis for pool construction. Having grown up in the commercial construction business also provides him with special insights that few others can honestly claim. His work has always been associated with excellence, and attention to detail. Just try to compare one of his 30 year old pools against anyone else's. Kendall has dedicated himself to providing our customers with the highest levels of quality, value, and professionalism possible. His main duties now are as salesman, customer service, and keeping the businesss running smoothly. He still gets out of the office regularly to oversee jobs, and keep abreast of the hands on aspects of the business.

Mike Baumann has been in the family business for over 35 years. He has built a strong reputation as a premeir pool builder through his meticulous attention to details. For Mike, close is NOT good enough. He has been  responsible for all aspects of our pool construction, from the time it is layed out in your backyard, until it is filled and operating. His attention to detail, as well as a strong devotion and hands on work ethic, guaranteed you the best pool you can buy at any price. Mike is, in a word, a perfectionist. Now, Mike will be moving over to our service team, bringing with him that same determination and attention to detail.

Eric Baumann has been with Baumann Pool & Spa, Inc. for over 38 years. His main responsibility is the maintenance and service of our pools and spas. Having started out by working on the construction end of the business, his knowledge is literally from the ground up. Eric is very familiar with every aspect of your pool or spas construction and operation. Extensive training seminars, and years of hands on experience allow him to provide you with the best possible customer service. Eric strives to provide you with prompt, professional service, and to make your pool or spa owning experience a pleasurable one. Each member of our family works togather to ensure you the most prompt, courteous, and professional service that is possible.