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Pool Construction


At Baumann Pool & Spa, Inc. we do everything possible to keep your construction site neat and clean.


We are happy to adress any and all concerns you may have about the construction process. We do not subcontract out any of our work at Baumann Pool & Spa, Inc. The only way we have total control over what's happening is to do it ourselves. This prevents confusion, and insures you get the quality of pool you deserve. Below, we have included a basic outline of what to expect during the building process.


After the initial layout of the site, the excavation for a vinyl-lined pool is a job for an experienced equipment operator. Normally the side excavation is approximately two feet beyond the finished pool perimeter to allow for assembly and a concrete footing to be installed.


The second step includes assembly of the galvanized or stainless steel panels and stairs. Then a concrete footing is poured around the panels to insure structural integrity. We install an underdrain around the base of the walls next, to help prevent any future ground water problems that may occur. Next, the plumbing is installed.


We then backfill the panels and prepare the site for the deck. The plumbing is pressure tested to insure there are no leaks. We usually pour the concrete decking once all of step two is completed but in some cases and with certain water table situations or weather conditions, the liner will be installed before the decking is poured. The pool structure is strong enough to allow installation to proceed in either manner with no worries.


The next step is pouring the floor. Then comes the installation of the liner. This is where an experienced expert makes all the difference! An improperly fitting liner can cause several problems. Wrinkles are the most obvious problem, but a liner that is too tight, can also drastically shorten the life of the liner. If a liner doesn't fit to our standards, it never gets installed. We'd rather get a replacement, than install an inferior product.


After partially filling the pool to seat the liner in, the step section is cut out. Then the pool is filled completely. After your electrician has everything wired and ready to go, we come back out and show you how to maintain and care for your pool. We even include an initial supply of chemicals. Now, all that's left is for you to enjoy your pool from Baumann Pool And Spa, Inc.!